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General Parking Maps

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Public Transportation

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Some helpful BART insider hints:

  • From SFO, you take a Yellow Line Train with one of two destinations:  Pittsburgh-Bay Point or Antioch (Antioch is a new designation). At 19th Street, exit the train, walk across the platform, and take a Richmond Train. There should be one waiting for you because the two lines are coordinated for destination exchanges.  If not, just take the first Richmond Train that comes along.

  • From OAK, take the spur that connects OAK with the Richmond/Fremont-Warm Springs line.  Get off the spur at Coliseum and take a Richmond Train.

  • Three stops in Berkeley, from south to north Ashby, Downtown Berkeley, and North Berkeley.  If you are staying at the Shattuck, the Faculty Club, or the Berkeley City Club, you want Downtown Berkeley

  • The Downtown Berkeley stop is still undergoing remodeling, so it’s a bit of a hassle.  The main escalator in the middle of the station is still not operating. There is an elevator that will take you to street level just forward of the center of the train.  If you take it, you’ll end up on the NW corner of the intersection of Shattuck and Center. If you exit the stairs at the rear of the train, you’ll end up on the northwest corner of Shattuck and Allston Way, literally across the street from the Shattuck Plaza Hotel.

  • Cabs are available on Center Street just west of the elevator entrance to BART.  I think, but I am not 100% sure, that Uber and Lyft also pick up near Shattuck and Center.

  • If you are being picked up or if you are staying at another hotel not near downtown Berkeley (the DoubleTree at the Berkeley Marina for example, get off at North Berkeley and catch a cab, Uber, or Lyft from there). Much less hassle than the Downtown Berkeley pickup.