Submit to the Webfestschrift

One of the desired outcomes of the entire event is a “Webfestschrift”—a collection resources related to each of the major themes of the event:

  • The Nature of Comprehension
  • Comprehension Instruction
  • Comprehension Assessment
  • Teacher Learning and Comprehension
  • The Stuff of Comprehension: Reader, Text, and Context

Additionally, we welcome papers on other related topics.

  • Comprehension and English Learners
  • Comprehension as Critique
  • Comprehension and Composition
  • Policies that impact Comprehension Development
  • Comprehension and Underserved Students
Article Submissions
Excited to read your Webfestschrift contribution! NOTE: soon after you submit your contribution, you will receive an email indicating you’re a “Contributor” to this website. This allows us to attribute your contribution to you. You need not do anything in response to this email or log in to this website. That said, “Contributor” status—should you decide to use your username and password to login to this website—will allow you to directly submit new blog posts and comments (subject to review and approval). Thanks so much!
Please say a little bit about your submission (this will appear alongside the article on this website). You might reflect on the process of writing this piece—i.e., memorable aspects of your collaboration with PDP and others; You might reflect on what research and/or policy debates your article was addressing at the time you published it; You might also reflect on the impact of this piece on policy and/or scholarship; Or what ever else you think might be helpful to know about your submission. Finally, Please begin your reflection by telling us who is submitting the piece (e.g., From John Dewey.). That's to outsmart the website protocol.
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